This week on A Week in Watches, we’re out of the studio for Windup Watch Fair NYC 2022. I apologize for publishing a bit later than usual, but we had a hectic weekend! In this episode, I take you through several watches released at this year’s Windup Watch Fair NYC from a killer new GMT from Nodus to a rugged new military diver from MKII. You’ll also get a peak inside of Windup Watch Fair NYC, which was an absolute blast. There were over 60 brands in attendance, so this only scratches the surface of what was on display.

This week’s sponsor is Jack Mason. A Texas-based watch brand, their slogan is “Premium Watches for All Enthusiasts,” which is something we certainly appreciate. Jack Mason’s new Strat-o-Timer GMT marks a turning point for the brand and is one of the first Miyota 9075-powered “true” GMTs on the market. Be sure to check that out and more at