This week on A Week in Watches we take a look at a few new tool watches that came out. There’s a watch built for Martians by Omega, but you can use it too. Then, Christopher Ward updates the three original watches in their Military collection. Lastly, Mühle Glashütte, builds off of their beloved SAR line with a new watch rendered in my favorite metal, titanium.

, A Week in Watches Ep. 17: A Speedmaster for Beyond the Moon

But first, I go a little more in-depth than usual for this week’s sponsor as it’s a launch of a new series of watches from a brand we run, ADPT. The ADPT (“adapt” – Add Day, Purpose, and Terrain) Series 1 Watches are built to be modern, fun, sports watches that are inspired by the awesome outdoor gear we love. Built by BOLDR Supply Co for ADPT, they are purposeful, but stylish timepieces. Check them out now at